Mihajlovic: Green mining brings new technologies, a healthier environment is a priority

Mihajlovic: Green mining brings new technologies, a healthier environment is a priority

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, announced that she expects the opening of the new mine Cukaru Peki in September, and that at the beginning of the operation of that mine, Serbia will be the second copper producer in Europe.

"When there was a story about the privatization of RTB Bor, everyone criticized the Prime Minister at the time and said that it all sounded nice, but that it simply wasn't going to happen. Through a strategic partnership with Zijin, we managed to be at the top of Europe in the production of copper and gold. "We will participate with 18% of the total European production when Cukaru Peki starts working," she says.

Mihajlovic reminds that the new mines in Serbia will use new technologies and will work in accordance with the highest European and world standards, and that a healthier environment is a priority.

"Things are also changing in the work of the existing capacities. In Bor, the reconstruction of the smelter is in progress, which will reduce the emission of harmful gases. It is important for us that Cukaru Peki will be a green mine. That means new, modern technologies. As well as project "Jadar" , which will be a fully digitalized mine with underground exploitation. Jadarite is a unique mineral and will be a unique production process. What we hear from various movements and political parties are lies, that people will not be able to live there, that the mine will destroy their crops, that hundreds of hectares will be uninhabitable - all this is not true. Our laws are European and especially demanding regarding the environment and nothing that is not in accordance with the laws will be allowed. An insight into the environmental impact study is underway. Everyone can give their suggestions, and after that, everything, as before, will be publicly announced and explained. "What we want is the production of batteries and electric vehicle factories, we will not allow the export of pure lithium," Mihajlovic points out.