Mihajlovic: The most important environmental protection for all decisions about project "Jadar"

Mihajlovic: The most important environmental protection for all decisions about project "Jadar"

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, chaired today the session of the Working Group for the implementation of the project "Jadar", where it was pointed out that the Government of Serbia is aware of the importance of this project for all citizens and that all information related to this project will be available to the public at any time.

"One of the most important conditions when it comes to the" Jadar "project is the protection of the environment. We said that at the very beginning, we continue to say that, regardless of the daily attacks on this project and the untruths that appear in public. The position of the Ministry, ie the Government, is that the realization of this project is possible only if all conditions and standards in the field of environmental protection are met. I think that "Jadar" is very important for Serbia. It is potentially one of the most successful development projects not only for mining, but for the entire Serbian economy, because we want a complete production chain, we also want a lithium battery factory and an electric vehicle factory. "Jadarite is unique in the world, it contains lithium, one of the critical minerals on a global level and which is crucial in the fight against climate change," said Mihajlovic.

It was said at the meeting that the public insight into the scope and content of the study on the assessment of the impact of exploitation on the environment, which was conducted at 17 points, was completed, and all received opinions were considered by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It was also emphasized that granting approval for the exploitation field, which is conditioned by obtaining a decision on the scope and content of the impact of the study on the environment, is not the same as granting the right to exploit.

The company "Rio Sava Exploration" said that the company is developing conceptual solutions on the global level of waste treatment and use of waste for other purposes, as well as technologies that will classify waste in a non-hazardous category.