Mihajlovic: New heating plant in Majdanpek for efficient heating and cleaner air

Mihajlovic: New heating plant in Majdanpek for efficient heating and cleaner air

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, said today after signing the contract on the construction of a new biomass heating plant in Majdanpek, that the Government will continue to invest in the district heating sector in Serbia and that the goal is for all cities and municipalities to use renewable sources for heat and electricity, because it will reduce consumption and provide a healthier environment.

"Together with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Development Bank KfW, we have already completed two heating plants, in Mali Zvornik and Priboj, and I believe that people in those cities that now have 24-hour heating and where sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions are eliminated, feel means heating in a different, greener way. Together, we have started work on the construction of a new biomass heating plant in Novi Pazar, and from the next heating season, from October, citizens will also receive thermal energy in that city in a more efficient and healthy way. To have a healthier environment and sufficient amounts of thermal energy at the same time, and that is exactly our national goal. "That all heating plants in Serbia, and in many of them the dirtiest fossil fuel is still used, use renewable energy sources in the coming years and that we should do everything to make Serbia green in the coming years, not black or gray," Mihajlovic said.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the total value of all projects that are being implemented together with the Federal Republic of Germany is 1.4 billion euros.

Undoubtedly, Germany is our biggest and most important partner of all countries in Europe, and everything we do together in energy concerns every individual, every citizen, because the issue of environment and energy security is a matter for each of us, especially in moments of serious energy crisis in which the whole world is, "she said.

The tender is planned to start in July, the beginning of works in March 2023, so that the heating plant will be ready for the heating season in October next year.

"By realizing this contract, we will provide stable and safe heating in the coming years and decades." We will have 24-hour heating for all our fellow citizens, which is very important. We thank Deputy Prime Minister for everything he does for our municipality, this is just one of the projects that is being implemented with the support of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, " said Dragan Popovic, Mayor of Majdanpek.

"Thank you to the Ministry and the Deputy Prime Minister for their cooperation and for initiating such projects." This agreement also shows that our partnership in the field of energy is successfully developing. The goal is to help and support the increase of capacities that use RES and more stable and independent supply, not only when it comes to environmental protection and the fight against climate change, but especially during the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, when energy is of existential importance. The new biomass heating plant will provide a stable and sustainable supply of thermal energy to the citizens of Majdanpek, "said Thomas Schieb, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany.