Mihajlovic: As of today, Serbia is returning to the top of European and World mining

Mihajlovic: As of today, Serbia is returning to the top of European and World mining

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, stated today that with the opening of the new mine "Cukaru Peki", Serbia returns to the European and World top producers of copper and gold, because we will be the second copper producer in Europe, after Poland, and when it comes to gold production, we will be immediately behind Finland.

She reiterated that the priority is a healthier environment and that all future mines will respect the highest standards of environmental protection.

"Today, Serbia is returning to the top of European and world producers of copper and gold. Today is a holiday for the workers, citizens of Bor, but it is also an important day for the whole of Serbia, because the fact that we have such quantities of copper and gold certainly means the self-sustainability of our country. Today, copper is one of the most important raw materials in the production of electric cars and electrical devices, and it is also used in the IT industry. "Copper from Bor and lithium from Loznica represent the two most important world components in the ecological, economic and energy transition, which gives us the opportunity to be a leader in the whole world," said Mihajlovic.

She stated that the new mine will improve the further development not only of mining in Serbia, but of the entire industry and economy.

"We want to have modern and sustainable mining and open new mines, but it is very important for the Government and the President and for me personally to preserve a healthy environment." Healthy air, healthy water, healthy soil and healthy people - that is why the Government of Serbia is working. As someone who leads the mining and energy sector, I will strictly demand that all environmental requirements be respected, this applies to our Chinese friends, as well as to all other investors. I am additionally proud that the mine "Cukaru Peki" is the first green mine on the territory of our country and the first to meet all world environmental standards. I believe that this is the beginning of sustainable, green mining and that there will be more in the future. "The development of RTB "Bor" is the result of joint work and good relations between the President of China and the President of Serbia," concluded Mihajlovic.