Mihajlovic: We have the expertise and knowledge for a green and energy-safe Serbia

Mihajlovic: We have the expertise and knowledge for a green and energy-safe Serbia

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, signed today with prof. Nikola Rajakovic, PhD, President of the Association "Energy Association", and Marica Mijajlovic, President of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Mining and Energy and these organizations.

On this occasion, Mihajlovic said that none of what we want to do in the time ahead in terms of energy development and energy infrastructure is possible without joint work with engineers and power engineers, members of SCE and the Alliance.

"I am honored to have signed these agreements today. There are huge challenges not only for Serbia, but for the whole world in the energy sector. We entered the process of green agenda and energy transition at the moment when we decided to change the base, and those are new laws and bylaws. We are also preparing a new energy development strategy and a National Climate and Energy Plan, which I believe will unite all these people to work with us. It is important to use knowledge and profession because without that there is no development and no future. "We will show that we can work much faster, better and more efficiently in mining and energy, to reach a decarbonized Serbia, which will be energy safe," she said.

Marica Mijajlovic pointed out that such an agreement provides the basis for better and better cooperation, which is necessary.

"The Chamber, as a strong organization today, will be available to the Ministry of Mining and Energy for all joint projects aimed at better Serbia and better quality of life for citizens," said Mijajlovic.

Prof. Nikola Rajakovic, PhD, said that energy deserves attention and institutional connection of key ministries and professional associations, because it means a lot that the energy transition is solved in the right way.

"Energy is facing great challenges, it is necessary to decarbonise the sector. It is a difficult and responsible job, especially for those of us who rely on lignite and thermal energy. Without well-supported solutions by the profession and the knowledge we have, that is not possible. To put energy on a sound footing and to make it decarbonised in a few decades, and we as a state to be independent because we have wind and water and sun. And to leave a healthy environment to the generations to come ", said Rajakovic.