Mihajlovic: We will help all citizens to install solar panels and replace windows and doors

Mihajlovic: We will help all citizens to install solar panels and replace windows and doors

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, handed over the agreements on co-financing the program of installing solar panels for households to the mayors and presidents of 37 cities and municipalities.

She said the goals of giving incentives for the installation of solar panels are to reduce energy consumption at the national level, lower household bills and a healthier environment.

"With this project of installing solar panels and replacing carpentry, we have started the biggest process which means healthier, more sustainable and green energy and Serbia. That will completely change the image of Serbia in the coming years. There are a total of 37 local governments that have created the conditions for the joint implementation of this project and have shown awareness that we need to change some things. There is no reason not to use the huge number of sunny days in our country and enable all citizens of Serbia to install solar panels. We will continue to subsidize the installation of solar panels and the replacement of carpentry in the coming years, and the goal is for all households in Serbia to get that opportunity, "she said.

Mihajlovic mentioned that raising energy efficiency and installing solar panels will contribute to national goals - reducing energy consumption and preserving environmental health.

"Only together can we reach the results and the goal, and that is the reduction of consumption by at least 30 percent, and that will mean lower bills for households by also 30 percent." For Serbia at the national level, that means 3,300 tons less carbon dioxide per year. That also means that we will maintain energy stability in the years to come, "she pointed out.

Mihajlovic pointed out that previously it took more than a year to wait for the installation of solar panels, that it was necessary to collect a large number of permits and documents, and that the procedure is now maximally simplified and that practically one step is needed.

Predrag Matic, director of the Investment Directorate of EDS, said that "Elektrodistribucija Srbije" is ready to implement the project.

"I hope that as many consumers as possible will decide to acquire the status of a buyer-producer." We are completely ready for this challenge, the procedure has been simplified and all conditions are publicly available, "he said.

"I am glad that we are part of this pioneering project, and I am sure that this project will contribute to the improvement of the ecological picture, and that the citizens will have the greatest benefits," said Milun Todorovic, the mayor of Čačak.

"I am pleased that the municipality of Bojnik has managed to meet the conditions for this project, which will enable our citizens to significantly reduce costs," said Nenad Nenadovic, the president of this municipality.

"The municipality of Barajevo is recognized as a city green oasis, despite the problems we face. Thank you to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry for their help and support, "said Slobodan Adamovic, the mayor of Barajevo.

Dragan Popovic, the president of the municipality of Majdanpek, stated that this local self-government is implementing several projects with the Ministry.

"I am glad that the Ministry recognized our work. The funds are not small for this project either, and I am sure that the interest of the citizens will be great, as it was for the replacement of the carpentry ", he said.

In total, the state and 37 cities and municipalities invest around 195 million dinars in this program, of which the Ministry 97.6 million.