Mihajlovic: Everything that is built is remembered, not the opponents of development

Mihajlovic: Everything that is built is remembered, not the opponents of development

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, stated that the state will not make any decision on the realization of "Jadar" project until all studies on the impact on the environment are completed.

She said that the opening of the mine will depend on the will of the citizens in the referendum, as well as that the issue of environmental protection is being abused for political purposes.

"First, let's see who is talking about it and who is explaining to the citizens of Serbia that the mine will be opened, even though there is no contract, even though there is no decision. The government has made it clear that there is no decision on whether to extract jadarite and open a mine until environmental studies and a referendum are completed. Those who talk about it today are false environmentalists, politicians who want to get a job. I mean Dveri and Zavetnici and Cuta and all those who alarm the people, especially the inhabitants of Macva, because there is no decision, nor will the Government hide such a big thing regarding the research and exploitation of lithium, ie jadarite." she said.

Mihajlovic pointed out that Serbia is rich in critical minerals that are crucial for the future of everything, and that all information about jadarite will be, as before, publicly available.

"Serbia is rich in lithium, antimony, copper, gold, these are critical minerals for the future of the whole world." If we can exploit it in a healthy way and in accordance with the highest European and world standards, and if the citizens agree, we will do it. If that is not possible, if the study shows that it will lead to problems in the environment, then we will not work. But let us have all the information, so we will make decisions. This is similar to the period 140 years ago, at the moment when Milan Obrenovic started the process of building the Belgrade-Nis railway, when you had the greatest opportunists of that time, the radicals Nikola Pasic, who said that the train would drive the devil, that it would be anti-Serbian black. snake and worst of all that anyone who passes that railroad or lives next door will not be able to have children. It is very similar to what we are hearing now about Jadar, that there will be a flood, that Macva district will disappear, that the Drina will dry up, that there will be nothing from Jadar, that everyone will be sick. These are things that have nothing to do with the truth. However, only what was built is remembered, and not those who were against it, spreading untruths and misconceptions that alarm the public. The state will be, as before, open, we will give all the information, and everything else is politicking, " said Mihajlovic.