Mihajlovic: We will do everything in our power to provide enough energy

Mihajlovic: We will do everything in our power to provide enough energy

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, said that the state will do everything in its power to provide sufficient amounts of energy and energy for the coming winter, emphasizing that there will be no restrictions or restrictions. She reiterated that the media allegations about the sale of EPS were incorrect.

"It is clear that a difficult winter awaits us, but we have made important steps in preparation. Most of the gas will continue to come from Russia, which is very important, given that we are 100 percent dependent on them, we have made an agreement to lease the warehouse with Hungary, and we have our part in Banatski Dvor and for the most part we have provided sufficient quantities . However, during the winter, we consume more than 12 million cubic meters, and it is certain that we will need additional quantities. We work every day to provide enough gas and oil and oil products and electricity, and I believe that we will have enough of everything. We are certainly in a better situation than many countries in Europe. We will do what depends on us, but we do not know if there will be problems that depend on others, "said Mihajlović as a guest on Television Prva.

Answering the question about the writings of some media that EPS will be privatized, she said that the topic was never discussed.

"I am known , I was even attacked, for always answering all media questions, but the newspapers that write about the sale of EPS did not even ask for information from the Ministry." Certainly, "Elektroprivreda Srbije" is not for sale, that was never the topic of conversation, nor is anyone thinking of privatizing a systemically important company. "What EPS should do is to build new capacities, primarily RHE, as well as solar and wind power plants, and to have strategic partnerships for projects," said Deputy Prime Minister.