Mihajlovic in Vranje: We are solving specific problems, receptions of citizens everywhere in Serbia

Mihajlovic in Vranje: We are solving specific problems, receptions of citizens everywhere in Serbia

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, stated in Vranje, where the reception of citizens was organized, that the largest part of the three-hour conversation was dedicated to the problems related to electricity supply, employment and communal problems.

She said that the citizens will receive written answers to all questions and problems that they presented in a direct conversation that are within the competence of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, but also those questions that are within the competence of other ministries, local governments or public companies.

"Reception of citizens in Vranje is something that we organized for the first time while I was leading the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, we continued in the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and now we have started from Vranje. We continue this practice in other cities, because they are all important, regardless of the number of inhabitants, because we want to hear the problems that citizens face. The next reception will be in Uzice, after that in Zajecar, and as now, state secretaries, assistants, representatives of EPS, EMS, "Elektrodistribucija Srbije", "Srbijagas" will be present. People also complained about frequent interruptions in the electricity supply. This is a problem with fragmented parts everywhere in Serbia, not only in Vranje. "A lot of money will be invested in increasing the stability and security of the low-voltage network, at least 100 million euros," she said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that all interested parties who wanted to present their problem, but did not come to the reception today, could submit documents to the Ministry.

"Experience says that we used to manage to solve about 90 percent of the problems that the citizens told us in a direct conversation. It was not all about the department, there were questions about employment, about communal problems, and we will call all the authorities so that people can get answers. We have already brought some solutions and deadlines. There were people from "Geox", and representatives of the union and several employees. What I can say is that regardless of the outcome and whether this company will stay or not, the state will provide a sufficient number of jobs for everyone. This company had global problems, although it did well in Serbia, but the most important thing is that the state will provide jobs, and as the name of the employer is less important, and I said that in people's eyes, "she pointed out.

Slobodan Milenkovic, the mayor of Vranje, pointed out that this type of communication is useful both for the citizens and for the work of the local self-government.

"We have heard many topics, problems, some of which we can solve immediately. This kind of interaction and cooperation between the city and the Ministry will certainly be to the benefit of the citizens, "said Milenkovic.

Srecko Pejkovic, the head of the Pcinja administrative district, thanked the Deputy Prime Minister and her team and said that the Government takes care of the citizens of the entire district all the time.