Internal Audit Group

The Internal Audit Group performs internal audit activities related to: operational planning, organization, implementation and reporting on the results of internal audit of all organizational parts of the Ministry, all programs, activities and processes of competence of the Ministry, including beneficiaries of EU funds. , internal audit standards, code of professional ethics of internal auditors and best professional practice, ie verification of the application of the law and verification of compliance with the rules of internal control; assessment of the system of internal controls in terms of their adequacy, effectiveness and completeness; a review of the manner of operation, which is an assessment of business and processes, including non-financial operations in order to assess cost-effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness; cooperation with the Sector - Central Harmonization Unit of the Ministry of Finance and the State Audit Institution; performing tasks necessary for achieving security in terms of the functioning of the internal audit system, as well as other tasks within the scope of the Group.