Budget and Analytical Planning Group

Budget and Analytical Planning Group performs activities related to: drafting a financial plan in accordance with the Law on Budget System; preparation of proposals for priority areas of funding for the medium term in accordance with the budget calendar; monitoring the execution of the Ministry's financial plans regarding the use of funds for special purposes; preparation of proposals for public debt of users of public funds - public companies in the field of the Ministry; determining the development strategy in financing; preparation and submission of the budget execution plan which is the basis for the development of quotas, on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis; cooperation with the Ministry of Finance in planning and execution of budget funds and other sources of funds: funds from donations, foreign borrowings, own revenues; preparation of analyzes and information that serve as an expert basis for determining, planning and implementing financial policy; development of plans for the implementation and monitoring of the execution of budget funds; monitoring and analysis of funds spent and implementation of indirect beneficiary programs; analysis of the position of revenues and expenditures of indirect budget users, as well as other activities within the scope of the Group.