Financial and Accounting Department

The Department for Financial and Accounting Affairs performs activities related to: harmonization of the General Ledger of the Treasury with auxiliary books; establishing and monitoring records on the implementation of financial transactions with the Treasury and indirect users; processing and recording of supporting documentation for all transactions recorded in the general ledger of the Treasury; comparing, synthesizing and consolidating financial data; records and processing of documentation for payment of salaries and other incomes; processing of documentation for issuing orders for payment of all types of payments; preparation and coordination of work related to the preparation of estimates of revenues and expenditures of the Ministry; monitoring the dynamics of inflow and expenditure of funds; preparation of annual reports of open items for all suppliers and service providers of the Ministry according to the Law on Accounting; keeping records of real estate and paying lease obligations for the same; records of movable and immovable property of the Ministry; preparation of annual reports for the Republic Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, the Republic Bureau of Statistics and other annual and periodic reports provided by laws and bylaws in the field of budget accounting, as well as other tasks within the scope of the Department.