Electricity Sector

The Electricity Sector performs activities related to: preparation of professional bases for the development of the energy development strategy and the program for the implementation of the strategy in the field of electricity and electricity; preparation of reports on the implementation of these strategic documents; preparation of expert bases for drafting laws, draft bylaws and technical regulations in this area and harmonization of regulations with European Union regulations; preparation of analyzes of the effects of the application of these regulations; giving opinions on acts proposed by other state bodies and organizations; monitoring the work of energy entities in the field of electricity, namely: monitoring the level of losses in the transmission and distribution network, monitoring the connection to the transmission and distribution system, monitoring the quality of supplied electricity, monitoring security of electricity supply, coordination of projects and investments in the field electric power industry, monitoring and participation in the procedure of reorganization of public companies and capital companies in the field of electric power industry; implementation of a Special Act of the Government by which public companies in the field of electricity are given ownership of real estate that does not represent a network in terms of the Law on Energy; drafting acts arising from other laws, relating to property and investment rights; preparation of proposals for measures of the Government in case of disturbances in the operation of the electric power system or disturbances on the electricity market; taking measures to ensure conditions for secure electricity supply; issuing energy permits for electricity generation facilities with a capacity of over 10 MW; preparation of tender documentation and implementation of tenders for selection of guaranteed and reserve supplier; preparation of a proposal for a decision on exemption from the application of the rules for access to the system; monitoring and analysis of regulations governing the protection of electricity customers; drafting bylaws in the field of protection of electricity customers; monitoring and analysis of regulations governing the protection of electricity customers and drafting acts on appeals against first-instance decisions on the status of energy-endangered customers; drafting proposals for decisions on appeals against decisions of electricity inspectors; preparation of answers to parliamentary questions and questions on requests for access to information of public importance in the field of electricity, as well as other tasks within the scope of the Sector.

The following internal units are being formed in the Electricity Sector:

Section for Legal and Economic Activities in Electricity Sector;
Sector for Electricity and Technical Activities