Sector for energy efficiency and heating plants

Sector for Energy Efficiency and Heating Plants performs activities related to: energy of the Republic of Serbia at the system level; harmonizing the development of energy sectors at the national and local level; preparation of expert bases for drafting laws, draft bylaws and harmonization of regulations with European Union regulations; development of technical regulations in this area, as well as analysis of the effects of the application of these regulations; preparation of answers to parliamentary questions and questions on requests for access to information of public importance in this area; communal energy; rational use of energy and energy efficiency; climate change in the field of energy and environmental protection; analysis of infrastructural needs and planning and drafting of local communal infrastructure programs; cooperation and communication with international development and financial institutions dealing with the financing of local utility projects; coordination of activities of participants in local communal infrastructure projects, as well as other activities within the scope of the Sector.

The following internal units are being formed in the Sector for Energy Efficiency and Heating Plants:

Division for Energy Efficiency Improvement, Sustainable Development and Climate Change in the Energy Industry;
Group for preparation and implementation of communal infrastructure programs.