Sector for geology and mining

Sector for Geology and Mining performs activities related to: mining and geological research; drafting the Strategy and implementing the policy for the development of natural resources and mining; preparation of expert bases for drafting laws, draft bylaws and technical regulations in this area and harmonization of regulations with European Union regulations; preparation of analyzes of the effects of the application of these regulations; preparation of answers to parliamentary questions and questions on requests for access to information of public importance in the field; geological research and exploitation of all types of mineral raw materials and geological resources; preparation of annual and medium-term programs of detailed research works in the field of natural resources and geological research in connection with the exploitation of mineral resources and providing material and other conditions for the implementation of these programs; preparation of balance of mineral raw materials, groundwater and geothermal resources; development of norms and standards for the development of geological maps, as well as other activities within the scope of the Sector.

The following internal units are being formed in the Sector for Geology and Mining:

Division for Geological Exploration and Mining;
Section for Legal and Economic Activities in Geology and Mining Sector