International Cooperation and European Integrations Department

The Department for International Cooperation and European Integration carries out the activities related to the: preparation, harmonization and conclusion of inter-governmental documents that create the national legal framework for establishing and developing of international cooperation in the field of mining and energy; monitoring and analysis of international-legal instruments; preparation, harmonization and concluding programs and protocols on cooperation as baseline documents defining specific areas of international cooperation in the field of mining and energy; coordination and preparation of ratification, i.e. accession to international treaties; coordinating the implementation of multilateral agreements and cooperation with the secretariats of multilateral agreements for the purpose of their implementation; maintaining up-to-date knowledge on international policy in the field of mining and energy and proposing measures and activities for the purpose of harmonization of national priorities and accession to international cooperation; defining of the priorities, form, content and modalities of international cooperation, as well as the monitoring of their implementation; coordinating the preparation of the position statement for the participation of the Ministry representatives in international meetings, meetings of the Parties to multilateral agreements in the field of mining and energy; cooperation with the Energy Community, the International Agency for Renewable Energy, Energy Charter and Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission as international institutions in the field of energy; managing the preparation of the documents in the negotiation process for accession to the EU within the Negotiation Chapter - Energy; development of strategic documents for accession to the EU in the field of mining and energy; initiating and coordinating activities to identify the need for international aid to the mining and energy sector; keeping up-to date and analysis of international legal instruments, the EU policy; coordinating the harmonization of laws and other regulations with the EU legislation and other international regulations in the field of mining and energy; keeping up-to-date on EU legislation within the purview of the Ministry; preparing opinions on draft laws and other regulations prepared by other ministries, special organizations and other bodies and organizations, i.e. regulations adopted by the holders of public authority in accordance with law; implementation of EU pre-accession projects, as well as other activities within the scope of activity of the Department.