Oil and gas sector

Oil and gas sector performs activities related to: oil and gas economy; preparation of expert bases for drafting laws, draft bylaws and harmonization of regulations with European Union regulations; development of technical regulations in this area, as well as analysis of the effects of the application of these regulations; preparation of answers to parliamentary questions and questions on requests for access to information of public importance in this area; preparation of the energy balance of the Republic of Serbia in this area; preparation of proposals for Government measures in case of supply disruptions and threats to security of natural gas supply, operational oil reserves and oil derivatives; marking and monitoring the quality of petroleum products; pipeline transport of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons; appointment of conformity assessment bodies in the field of oil and gas and pressure equipment; issuing energy permits for energy facilities in the field of oil and gas, issuing approvals for storage and supply for own needs, providing conditions for the functioning of companies in the field of oil and gas economy; coordination of activities related to projects and investments in the field of oil and gas; monitoring the implementation of the energy strategy, as well as other tasks within the scope of the Sector.

The following internal units are being formed in the Oil and gas Sector:

Section for Legal and Economic Activities in Oil and gas Sector;
Section for Technical and Process Activities in Oil and gas sector