Mihajlovic: Our vision is green Serbia, energy security and environmental protection go together

Mihajlovic: Our vision is green Serbia, energy security and environmental protection go together

"There is no further progress if we do not get on the energy transition train, but we also take care of the environment. It is important to ensure energy stability, but also to preserve the environment, in which there was not as much investment as needed. Our vision is green Serbia, that in fifteen years 40% of the production of electricity and heat comes from renewable sources, and that by 2050 we will be a completely green Serbia ", said today Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Mining and Energy, Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, phd.

At the 13th annual conference on economic reforms in Serbia, she pointed out that the Ministry had prepared four laws in the field of mining and energy, which the Government will soon adopt. "We have prepared a completely new law on renewable energy sources, introduced new concepts such as auctions, the possibility for consumers to be producers, to build solar panels. Another direction, which should become a national goal, is to reduce the consumption of electricity and heat. We will help through the Energy Efficiency Fund, it must not be sporadic. All the reforms we want to implement are possible if we work together - ministries, the economy, the non-governmental sector and international partners. "We were 184th in the world in terms of issuing construction permits, and thanks to our joint work, we are ninth today," she said.

Speaking about the most important reforms that Serbia has implemented, Mihajlovic said that the state has shown that it can improve business conditions every year and that this is not possible without cooperation with the economy.

"Last year was difficult for the whole world and the next decades will certainly not be the same. It is important for us to continue to improve business conditions, which is why we have adopted the Action Plan for 2021-2023. year. Within that plan, the Law on Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Trustees was adopted. The Law on Cadastre and electronic advertising and retrieval of documents are also important. We listened to the economy and worked together. Today, I can say that no investor left Serbia in 2020. But it is not enough to be ninth in the world just by issuing building permits, we must improve other areas of business as well. "I congratulate you on the 13th "Gray book " and I hope that the fourteenth will be with fewer recommendations," she said.